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June 2022

Moreover, Overby has illustrated every concept with easy-to-understand images. If you have dipped your toes into options trading, this book serves as a simple, easy-to-understand guide. Frank Richmond’s “Options Trading Crash Course” is an excellent pick if you are not entirely versed in options trading terminology.

It also gives practical advice on how to build wealth and achieve financial independence. In the book, he covers the history of the Indian stock market post the liberalization of 1991. The book covers all the events that occurred during this period including incidents of money laundering, scams, booms, and crashes. In this book, Prasenjit Paul gives out the successful strategies which allowed him to earn consistently in the Indian stock market.

  1. From the basics of futures and options to intricate mathematical models and risk management strategies, the book covers a broad range of topics.
  2. It’s great for the day trader specifically because it distinguishes between short term and long term trading, the benefits, the risks and the concepts you need to focus on.
  3. After reading this book, you will feel confident in tracking the market and selecting the stocks on your own.
  4. This 147-pages power-packed book is a must-have for all investors willing to make it big in the capital markets but not enough time to research like a pro.
  5. Cross-reference Strategies – Evaluate how strategies from different leading books complement or contradict each other for greater perspective.
  6. The formula contained in the book applies to all, including the Indian markets.

The comprehensive coverage includes everything from the ground up, with hundreds of examples that demonstrate how candlestick charting methods can be utilized in almost any market. You must keep this book on your bookshelf if you want to know some unique ways to build a portfolio, as the book can teach you indexing, diversification, bubbles, trends, etc. Nair has worked as an editor and has been part of various financial organizations including The Economic Times. It is a comprehensive data study about analytic tools, and support that is provided to you in a very simple language. It also talks about the government, politics, and other factors affecting the market to provide a clear picture of the market scenario in the country.

How to Analyse Stocks

Although this book is smaller in size than the other books you have seen so far, it is considered a classic and one of the best trading books for conservative and aggressive investors. Here, Joel Greenblatt offers some foolproof strategies and tips, besides a formula, investors can use to spot bargain deals. The formula contained in the book applies to all, including the Indian markets. Investment, trading, stock market, cryptocurrency, etc. are some of the words that have become very popular these days, especially among young minds. People who play around with these words are always looking to maximize their portfolio returns. Due to this, one needs to learn regularly and stay updated to find out the most suitable market strategies and make the best possible moves.

These books on options trading contribute unique perspectives and advanced strategies for seasoned traders. Abraham has penned this book on options trading to cater to the ideal audience – an entry-level options trader. The author has laid bare leakproof options trading strategies if you only want to book smaller profits and reduce losses.

Firstly, you’ll hear why the author prefers day trading and why the grains futures market specifically. Then you’ll get clear strategies, built on timeless trading concepts, that don’t rely on highly technical and complex indicators. You can also apply the philosophies and strategies found here to any number of intraday markets. Written best books for trading in india from the perspective of an experienced trade, this book centres on technical analysis and also offers some invaluable money management lessons. You’ll then be walked through the practicalities of making your first trade. This is a stock market crash course book by Pushkar Raj Thakur, a top-rated finance YouTuber in India.

We rate Guide to Indian Stock Market as one of the best books for beginners in stock market wanting to grasp fundamental concepts using Indian reference points before diving deeper. Veteran author Nagendra Prasad displays his investing wisdom by condensing actionable knowledge in clear, reader-friendly language. While the book length is shorter than typical beginner guides, we appreciate the concise delivery focusing on need-to-know investing tenets first. The primer gives new investors proper footing to make sense of the basics before exploring technical trading tactics. The book is very well written, starting with the fundamental concepts of demand and supply. It slowly dives deep into advanced trading strategies and techniques by making sure that you have enough knowledge about the fundamentals in the beginning.

Bollinger Bands Books (

It guides you to enhance your knowledge and achieve success in the stock market. The book imparts a basic understanding of the stock market, including its workings, terminology, and key concepts. Furthermore, it stresses the importance of risk management and provides insights into minimizing losses while maximizing returns. While numerous stock market books reference Warren Buffet, Stock Investing Mastermind provides a uniquely structured playbook for emulating the mental models of ultra-successful investors.

The Warren Buffet Way by Robert G. Hagstrom

These books collectively offer a solid foundation, combining theory and practical insights for a well-rounded knowledge of options trading. It views options trading as a business and helps traders eliminate the large capital swings due to undisciplined moves. The authors demonstrate their knowledge with several real-life examples throughout this piece.

In all to understand how call option works and how to trade put option, this book is the one that provides you answer for all. The book contains illustrative examples, rich applications and covers the broad range of products of this segment. The most intriguing aspect of this book is the conversational presentation of the content. Derivatives trading is an agreement https://1investing.in/ between the buyer and seller of a financial instrument such as a commodity, equity, currency, etc. This agreement is signed before the trade is expected to be executed, i.e., the financial instrument is traded on a future date at a price decided today. Alternatively, see our list of the trading brokers with top-rated learning tutorials and training academies.

Housel provides insight into investors’ common mistakes and offers practical advice on how to avoid those. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips by Ravi Patel is an ideal book to read for all the newcomers into the stock market. This book consists of 31 simple and easy-to-understand Golden Rules which can follow in day to day life of a trader or an investor. By reading this investment book by an Indian Author and make it practical will help a trader to maximize the gains and minimize the losses in the stock market trading and investments.

In this book, Paul explains the importance of timing while picking the right stock and holding it for the right period. What makes the book even better is the 2-minute strategy included to shortlist/reject stocks in 2 mins. Paul gives out his personal views on the Indian stock market and his personal strategies which make this a refreshing read.

The author has adopted a very accessible approach and tries to explain derivatives straightforwardly. He uses simple terms and non-complex mathematics to clear up the air of doubt. The book is written in a way that, on the one hand, makes it easy to understand this complicated concept and, on the other hand, has a thought-provoking effect on the reader. This book is authored by Mr. Alfred Steinherr and was published back in 1998. The author made many audacious claims about the risks and dangers of the derivatives segment in the future.

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